Sea parachute rides are the most important activities and events of summer

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Sea Parachute, if you want to experience sea parachute rides, adrenaline-filled water and sea sports and adventure activities instead of busy tours on land, we recommend that you experience sea parachute riding under the supervision of Deep Dive Club instructors.

Sea Prachute promises to be one of the holiday activities that you can safely do without the need for technical knowledge, which is conducted for recreational purposes in Turkey.

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important areas where you can experience sea parachute riding in Turkey.

Places of sea parachute in Turkey

There is nothing better than parachute riding in Turkey where you live the experience of excitement and thrill when flying over the sea and watching the wonderful views along the coast.

Sea parachute in Marmaris

If you want to live the adventure and do an unforgettable experience you must experience the sea parachute ride where you can take off and enjoy the outdoors and the magnificent view of the sea and coast in the city of Marmaris.

The sea parachute in Marmaris is one of the most important water sports activities and one of the most favorite activities and you will enjoy the unique view of the beach and mountains of Marmaris and you can practice the pleasure of the recreational diving experience.

Sea parachute

Sea parachute in Antalya – Kemer

Sea parachute is one of the indispensable water sports in Antalya-Kemer and is one of the most enjoyable water sports.

You can watch the sea on Kemer's gorgeous beach, and you will also see water sports enthusiasts taking a sea parachute andjet ski ride and if you haven't tried it, we definitely recommend you try this great sport.

You can also take cruises in Marmaris and take a swim with your friends.

Sea parachute

Conditions for riding a sea parachute

  1. Riding the sea parachute is a fun experience but you need a strong heart so if you are one of the people who have elevation phobia do not apply for it.
  2. When riding a sea parachute, the weight of a person must not exceed 150 kg.
  3. There is no specific age for parachute rides as children can also enjoy this experience.
  4. You must choose the right time for your trip as there are trips at sunrise time and trips before sunset.
  5. Parachute rides do not require any previous experience or any conditions just follow the instructions of your guide.
  6. Take enough rest before taking a parachute ride to enjoy your time.
  7. Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing for a parachute sea trip in Turkey.
  8. Bring a sunscreen cream to protect your skin from sunburn.
  9. Don't look down when riding a sea parachute so you don't get anxious and you should look ahead and enjoy these wonderful moments.
  10. Wear sunglasses to protect your eye from the sun's rays.
  11. Don't forget about personal cameras to take great shots.

Sea Parachute Rides

A sea parachute ride in Turkey costs $45 per person and lasts 45 minutes where you can enjoy the great views and take great pictures.

This cost also includes:

  • Documentation of photography of the journey from take-off from the boat until return
  • Round-trip transportation and the latest cars are also secured.

Deep Dive Club Program for Sea Parachute

When you book a sea parachute trip you should familiarize yourself with the special program at Deep Dive Club where the most important points of our program are:

  1. Your journey starts from the resident hotel where we take you by car for a parachute trip to the beach and then you move on to boat rides in the wonderful sea waters.
  2. The instructor or tour guide begins by listing the parachute ride instructions that you must follow.
  3. They then prepare you for parachute rides to begin your journey over the sea and start listening to the adventure.
  4. You have the freedom to choose whether to ride a parachute alone or ride with a friend or family.
  5. The duration of the sea parachute ride in Marmaris is 45 minutes.

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The most common questions about sea parachute in Turkey

هل باراشوت البحر خطير؟

كما هو الحال في كل رياضة ونشاط ،يحب الالتزام بارشادات المرشد والمدربين ، وإذا اتخذت الاحتياطات اللازمة بالضبط تحت اشراف مدربين نادي ديب دايف، فلا توجد مشكلة. وسوف تحلق فوق البحر وانت بأمان وستعيش لحظات رائعة.

ما هو اقصى ارتفاع لباراشوت البحر؟

يتم تحديد الحد الأقصى للارتفاع الأقصى الذي يمكن أن يصل إليه التزلج الهوائي بواسطة قوة القارب وحالة الطقس والميزة الفنية للمظلة. لكن متوسط ​​الارتفاع في الأنشطة التجارية في قطاع الترفيه يتراوح من 100 إلى 150 متر.

ما هو الحد الادنى لركوب باراشوت البحر؟

الحد الأدنى لسن ركوب باراشوت البحر هو 16 عامًا. كما ان موافقة الوالدين مطلوبة لمن تقل أعمارهم عن 16 عامًا.

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