Advanced swimming education for children

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Advanced swimming education for children How can swimming training be offered to children? How long does it take for children to learn to swim?

In this article, we will talk about the most important basics of teaching advanced swimming to children such as at what age swimming begins, the steps of teaching swimming and the necessary duration. It is very important to understand the psychology of the child and the ability to communicate with them well before starting swimming lessons.

At DeepDev, we apply these things to every novice child. We do our training by dividing the psychological state of children and adapting them to water according to age groups. In addition to group swimming lessons, children also receive private individual swimming lessons using children’s own swimming tools.

Advanced swimming education for children

Benefits of teaching swimming to children

Advanced swimming education for children is one of the activities that has become increasingly important in recent years. When teaching children to swim, breathing exercises are taught first. Breathing from the mouth and nose underwater is one of the most important stages of swimming training.

Experts confirm that children who swim are healthier thanks to proper breathing. Among the benefits of teaching advanced swimming to children are:

  1. Accelerates musculoskeletal growth

While swimming, the whole body works simultaneously and at the end of this coordinated movement, each muscle develops and becomes stronger at an equal rate and in this way, the risk of infection decreases with age. While swimming, the chest, shoulder and back muscles work more intensely. It also strengthens the muscles of the leg and arm.

  • Reduction and prevention of obesity

Thanks to computers, tablets, and phones, which have become indispensable games for children, children live a more stable life day by day. This situation inevitably brings with it the problem of being overweight and obese. However, it is also known that preventing obesity in children is much easier and more important than treating potential health problems.

Swimming is one of the best exercises that can be preferred to fight obesity and reach a healthy body mass index. Every child loves to play in the water, and water helps children with disabilities because it facilitates movement. Weight gain. It is possible to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease and the child becomes more active.”

Swimming also contributes to the healthy development of the body by increasing appetite in children with eating disorders.

  • Prevents heart disease

Swimming not only strengthens the heart muscle but also protects children from heart disease that can afflict them. Children who swim regularly also have a regular heartbeat.”

  • Increases motor skills

Swimming is one of the sports that can be preferred because the risk of falling is much lower than sports such as running and jumping in the open area.

It is also one of the sports that can be preferred especially for children who suffer from loss of balance due to muscle weakness (resistance of muscles to movement) and therefore have a greater risk of falling.

Because children become weightless in water, low muscle strength is unlikely to hinder their movement. It also helps them achieve a better balance by improving their motor skills.

  • Keeps the mind calm

In general, exercise increases the amount of serotonin, which is known as the hormone of happiness in the body. Hormones that increase after swimming also help children feel much better. The psychologically relaxing swimming effect also keeps children’s minds active. That’s why school success increases for children who exercise regularly.

Benefits of teaching swimming to children

Advanced Swimming Steps for Children

What are the steps to teach advanced swimming to children?

Swimming training for children at our DeepDive Center consists of three stages where swimming lessons are held at each level with a maximum of five or six children.

First: The first stage for beginners children includes:

  1. Children’s acquaintance with water and children’s adaptation to water are monitored.
  2. Learn how to breathe through swimming breathing exercises.
  3. The perfect way to move the feet while swimming by the pool.
  4. Use swimming equipment to help kick training in the pool such as swimming boards.
Advanced Swimming Steps for Children

Second: The second stage is intermediate, which is the swimming training stage, and includes:

  1. At this level what we learned in the previous station is usually strengthened.
  2. Long fluttering techniques (six-foot breathing exercises) are developed using swimming boards.
  3. Exercises of the right arm and left arm are performed using swimming boards.
  4. Float exercises in free swimming.
  5. Jumping in the water and swimming exercises for a short time in addition to holding oneself.
Swimming Training Phase

Third: The third stage is learning swimming techniques

  1. At this level, studies are carried out to develop freestyle swimming techniques and backstroke.
  2. Other swimming techniques are taught butterfly swimming techniques and chest swimming.
  3. Teaching the technique of jumping and diving into the water through games and exercises within the pool.

Duration of swimming education for children

The time it takes for children to learn to swim varies from child to child and the most appropriate ages for children to start swimming are between 3 and 4 years advanced swimming is taught to children as follows:

  • Groups are divided by assessing the ages and swimming levels of children.
  • We try to teach children to swim as quickly as possible in line with their abilities.
  • Swimming learning rates usually consist of 3 stages, and stages consist of 5 weeks
تعلم تقنيات السباحة

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced Swimming Education for Kids

ماهي متوسط u003cstrongu003eمدةu003c/strongu003e تعليم السباحة للاطفال؟

تختلف مدة تعليم السباحة للأطفال حسب العمر ودرجة الاستيعاب والممارسة السليمة، وعادة ما تكون معدلات تعلم السباحة من 3 مراحل، بحيث تستغرق كل مرحلة من 5 أسابيع

ماهي أفضل u003cstrongu003eأماكنu003c/strongu003e تعليم السباحة للاطفال في اسطنبول؟

مما لاشك فيه يعتبر نادي ديب دايف – رائد الرياضات المائية في اسطنبول من أفضل الأماكن تعليم السباحة للأطفال في اسطنبول حيث يتميز بالتالي:u003cbru003eالاهتمام الشديد بسلامة أمان الطفلu003cbru003eمسابح نصف اولومبيةu003cbru003eمدربين دوليين محترفينu003cbru003eمراعاة الحالة النفسية ومعالجة الخوف من المياه بطرقة فسيولوجية.u003cbru003eتدريب على أسس علمية مجربةu003cbru003eخدمات ومرافق فندقية بتقييم 5 نجوم

هل يوجد تعليم السباحة للاطفال u003cstrongu003eبناتu003c/strongu003e؟

بالتأكيد، لدينا قسم خاص لتعليم السباحة للأطفال بنات حيث يُولي النادي عناية واهتمام شديد بالحالة النفسية والبدنية للفتاة ويساعدها على كسر حاجز الخوف من الماء ويقوي من شخصيتها وعزيمتها

كيف يتم تعليم السباحة لطفل في ديب دايف؟

في البداية يركز مدرس السباحة على الخطوات التالية أثناء تعليم طفلك السباحة:u003cbru003eيتم شرح قواعد البركة من أجل سلامة الطفل.u003cbru003eيسمح بالجلوس بجانب المسبح.u003cbru003eيتم إجراء تمارين تصفيق القدم بجانب المسبح.u003cbru003eلجعل الطفل يشعر بالأمان ، يتعلم الاستلقاء على ظهره في الماء بمساعدة مدرس السباحة.

ما هو العمر المناسب التي يستطيع الأطفال الرضع السباحة فيها؟

يقول الخبراء أن u003ca href=u0022الأطفال الرضعu003c/au003e يولدون جاهزين للسباحة لأنهم يعيشون في الرحم لمدة 9 أشهر ، لذلك يمكنهم البدء في السباحة على الفور لأن لديهم تنفسًا خلقيًا وردود فعل للسباحة تحت الماء

ما هي دورات ديب دايف لتعليم السباحة للاطفال؟

نعمل في مركزنا على تقديم الكثير من u003ca href=u0022الدورات التعليمية للسباحةu003c/au003e بالاضافة الى تعليم انواع السباحة وتشمل:u003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eالسباحة الحرة.u003c/au003eu003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eسباحة الظهر.u003c/au003eu003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022سباحة الصدر.u003c/au003eu003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eسباحة الفراشة.u003c/au003eu003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eالسباحة الجانبية.u003c/au003e

ما هي الادوات اللازمة للاطفال لتعليم السباحة؟

u003cstrongu003eأولاً:u003c/strongu003e سترة السباحة حيث تعد هذه الاداة مناسبة جدا للاطفال في الفترات الاولى لتعليم السباحة في سن معين.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eثانياً:u003c/strongu003e العوامات وهي من الادوات المهمة التي يجب استخدامها للطفل في بداية دخوله الى حوض السباحة.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eثالثاً:u003c/strongu003e حلقة الامان وهي من الادوات المنتشرة كثير عند الرغبة في تعليم الاطفال السباحة.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eرابعاً:u003c/strongu003e حزام السباحة وهذه الادات يتم استخدامها عن القدوم في تعليم السباحة في الاماكن العميقة. بالاضافة الى لوح السباحة والزعنفة والنظارات وانبوب الهواء.

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