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The Marmaris diving trip is one of the most beautiful and charming excursions in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea that will be dazzled by the beauty of picturesque aquatic life not to mention the recent discoveries and the pleasure of watching rare sea creatures.

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Where is the city of Marmaris located?

The city of Marmaris is located on the Mediterranean coast known as the Aegean Sea, on the southwestern side of Turkey, in the province of Muğla. It is bordered on the north by the Gulf of Zhukova, on the south by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east by Lake Koiji Geez, and finally by the Dacha Peninsula on the west, and Marmaris is about sixty kilometers from the regional capital of Muğla city.

It is characterized by its presence on the Aegean Sea directly, which makes it an important tourist center and is called the tourist pole as it depends mainly on tourism in its economy and is its main financier, and it is also the center of ports in the city and the transport of passengers and goods by ship.

Marmaris is one of the most beautiful cities located on the coast of the White Sea, where beauty and attractive wonderful nature is considered the ideal tourist destination, in addition to being characterized by its charming atmosphere that attracts attention, captivates hearts, refreshes the soul and provides the body with vitality and activity.

Marmaris City

Nature of the climate in Marmaris

Marmaris has a mild climate like that of the areas surrounding the Mediterranean basin, where winter is characterized by cold and rainfall, while summer is characterized by humidity and rather high heat and temperatures may reach 40 degrees Celsius,

The best times to travel to Marmaris Island are between July and the beginning of August, and there are also plenty of tourists who prefer to visit Marmaris in the autumn because of the mild climate at the time.

A glimpse into the history of the city of Marmaris

The history of Marmaris extends until 3400 years BC, and it is said that the first to settle the city was (Kar people) later named it Karia, whose name came from (Kar), and the coasts of Marmaris vary between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which made it an important center for trade and tourism, as it was an important center for multiple civilizations, and traces of multiple civilizations such as the civilization of Caria, Rhodes, Egypt, Ion, Dor, Persians, Macedonians, Syria, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuks, and Ottomans can be observed.

The Most Important Water Activities in Marmaris, Turkey

The beautiful climate and environment in Marmaris help to practice all the wonderful activities and adventures, as the special atmosphere of the city has made it one of the favorite cities of tourists and lovers of fun and discovery. The most important of these activities available in the city of Marmaris are:

First: Diving

The city has the best centers for diving, learning about aquatic life, and discovering the unknown in the depths, and there are many wonderful dive sites in and around Marmaris. The city is characterized by the presence of many schools and centers that help you train to dive deep and help to secure all the diving needs and equipment.

Sea lovers and divers enjoy accompanying fish and turtles underwater, as well as watching the rocks and the natural beauty of the seabed.

Diving in Marmaris

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Second: Fishing in Marmaris

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the richest seas in marine organisms and fish, so the hobby of fishing there is one of the very popular activities in the city, due to the presence of many bays such as Hisaronu Bay and Zhukovão Bay.

Many tourism trips also organize special fishing programs and learn their skill by visiting Paradise Island and the Green Sea bays. You can also rent one of the small fishing boats if you want to try fishing in the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Third: Swimming in Marmaris

If you are looking for the most beautiful tourist areas to practice the hobby of swimming, the city of Marmaris is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities that includes the most beautiful islands, bays, and beaches to help you practice your hobby freely.

The most beautiful beaches in Marmaris

The city of Marmaris has almost 6 miles of picturesque beaches that stretch from the center of Marmaris to the famous resort of icmeler located 8 kilometers from the city, and the beaches of the city are famous as an ideal destination for various activities and water sports, and it is also home to many cafes and restaurants.

Marmaris Beach

1- Marmaris Beach

Marmaris Beach, also known as Marmaris Urban Beach, is one of two main beaches in Marmaris, while the other main beach is known as Marmaris Long Beach or Uzunyali Beach and is located between Marmaris Beach and H Miller Beach.

Marmaris Beach is the most popular and welcoming to local and foreign tourists, and the beach is characterized by its soft yellow sand and clear waters, in addition to its distinctive location, this beach is one of the free beaches in the region and hosts the most important events and various parties throughout the year.

2- H. Miller Beach

H Miller Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Marmaris, stretching for 6 kilometers with its beautiful golden sand overlooking clear turquoise waters, and is also famous as an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy various beach and water sports.

3- Incekum Beach

It is one of the most beautiful wonderful beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea, it is beautifully decorated with trees and floral vegetation and is famous for its soft sands of dark golden color, which overlooks clear crystal waters, and unlike the beaches of Marmaris and H Meller, Anse Kom Beach is more popular with locals compared to tourists and visitors to the city of Marmaris.

On the beach you can also find two types of restaurants: simple small restaurants that provide light foods and refreshing drinks to beachgoers, and beautiful hotel restaurants that often provide services to their guests at the hotel, in addition to that Insecom Beach has a lot of public facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms.  

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The Best Diving Places in Marmaris

1- Baca Cave

Baka Cave is one of the most famous diving points in Marmaris, with depths ranging from 5 to 50 meters, this spot is suitable for novice and professional divers. There are many types of fish such as small shrimp and red and white cardinal fish. The cave has a conical shape and has an entrance with a width of 14 meters and a narrow exit with a depth of 4 meters so it was called Chimney Cave.

2- Sari Mehmet Cape

Located between Turunc and Eli Shamir (Icmeler), Sari Muhammad Kip is a popular dive place suitable for beginners and experts. With depths between 5 and 21 meters, the island head and bay provide a distinctive spot for diving. This place is also popular for night diving. Divers can watch the octopus, bream, and Moray snakes. Another popular dive spot “Cathedral Cave” is also close to Sari Mohamed Kip.

3- Keci Adasi Lighthouse (Goat Island)

Keci Adasi is located next to the lighthouse and has depths of 8 to 38 meters. This site is one of the most suitable places for professional divers, and contains a variety of marine creatures such as eel, octopus and red cardinal, and many amphora pieces can be seen above the seabed.

4- Hayitli Cape

The Highland Cape is located on the other side of the Keci Goat i Island Lighthouse and ranges from 5 to 38 meters deep and in a rocky environment. Experts can reach depths of more than 30 meters and can also see fish larger and more pieces than amphora.

5- Ince Cape Lighthouse

Ines Cape Lighthouse is located next to the island of Yildiz Star but the water here is relatively inconspicuous due to its tropical nature and the depth varies between 3 and 40 meters. At the end of the summer season, photographers flock to the area where more species of fish, sponges, and colorful sea rabbits ranging in size from 1 to 4 cm can be seen.

6- Abdi Reis Cove

Located near Yildiz Island, Abdi Reis Bay is known as the “Aquarium” because of its pure clear waters, and is 0 to 33 meters deep.

7. Gojk Bays (khaljan Ghojak)

Gocek Bays in Muğla State attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy diving and exploring the seabed as part of their ongoing tourist holiday in the region. Many divers prefer Khaljan Ghojak because of the moderate sea temperature and underwater visibility to practice their beautiful hobby for the most beautiful tourist holiday in Turkey.

أماكن الغوص في مرمريس

Sightseeing in Marmaris

  1. Cleopatra Island: Cleopatra Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the city of Marmaris in terms of its beaches, sand, and climate the world, and also includes a number of Greek and Roman monuments such as an ancient amphitheater and ancient ruins.
  2. Tourist resorts: characterized by wonderful and excellent services, which offer all meals at very average prices and are suitable for everyone.
  3. Closed Markets: In this market, there are all the leather products for which the city of Marmaris is famous, from various clothes, bags, and shoes, and all made of natural leather, other than the luxurious Turkish carpets that characterize these markets.
  4. Water games: Many of these practices and water sports are widely spread among adventure lovers and amateurs.
  5. Hisaronu Bay: Located in the center of the coast of Lesia, one of the most beautiful cruise areas, the Gulf is one of the best sailing areas in Turkey.
  6. Events are held daily on the outdoor beaches of Marmaris to the tune of music and various dance rhythms.
  7. Aqua Dream Water Park: It has constantly renewed events and activities.
  8. Özüçül: It is a walkway in the arms of nature that connects the mountains of Turkey.
أفضل الفنادق في مدينة مرمريس
Turkish Marmaris Diving Trip 6

Top hotels in Marmaris City

  • Elite World Hotels Marmaris: Marmaris city center is 7 km from the hotel, while Dalaman Airport is 103 km away.
  • Blue Bay Platinum Hotel – Marmaris: One of the best 5-star hotels in Marmaris is 1.1 km from Marmaris Beach, 2.4 km from Marmaris city center, and 96.6 km from Dalaman Airport.
  • Marmaris de Grand Azu Resort (TUI BLUE Grand Azur): 2.9 km from the city center, 97.7 km from Dalaman Airport, and is one of the best resorts in Marmaris
  • Aqua Resort Marmaris is 4.1 km away from Marmaris Castle, and Dalaman Airport is 103 km away.
  • Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Hotel is 98.9 km from Dalaman Airport, while Aqua Dream Water Park is 2.2 km from the hotel.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Marmaris from Istanbul?

The distance between Marmaris and Istanbul by air is estimated at 289 miles or 465 kilometers.

Where is the nearest airport to Marmaris?

Dalman Airport is 100 km from Marmaris, and a new airport is currently being built in Mersin, which is located near the city center.

What are the advantages of the Dalian area in Marmaris?

Dalian is one of the most important tourist attractions of Marmaris Island, and the area is famous for its healthy mud baths that treat incurable diseases, golden sandy beaches such as Iztuzu Beach and Turtle Beach, which houses the rarest marine animals, and Dalian also includes the historic ancient city of Cannes.

What are the advantages of diving courses at Deep Dive Center?

Deep Dive Center helps you learn all the skills of freediving, scuba diving, and diving in the water with the help of the most skilled instructors using the latest technologies and distinctive strategies.



Marmaris Diving Spots

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