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The tourist areas in Turkey are diverse and distinguished from other tourist areas in the world, and the secret of this diversity and distinction is due to the natural beauty and climatic diversity suitable for practicing all sports and tourist activities with pleasure and joy.

Diving tourism in Turkey is one of the most famous types of water mathematics in the world, as Turkey has charming underwater landscapes not to mention the existence of many archaeological museums that are unique to Turkey alone.

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What is diving tourism in Turkey?

The sport of diving is one of the most water sports that attracts tourists from around the world, as Turkey has the best areas and centers dedicated to the practice of free diving and diving with equipment, and the city of Istanbul has the best center for teaching diving of various kinds with the help of the most important supervisors and specialized trainers.

Deep water diving has many health benefits that help the body get rid of all physical and psychological problems, and it also activates blood circulation, strengthens the muscles of the body and increases the effectiveness of breathing.

The sport of diving has two types:

  1. Diving with equipment that uses diving tools, including a diving suit and breathing equipment
  2. The sport of free diving that relies on holding breaths inside the water without the help of equipment.
Diving in Turkey

Why is Turkey the best country to practice diving?

Diving tourism in Turkey is very diverse due to the presence of many walls, coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves, where Turkey is the center of four seafarers:

  • Aegean Sea
  • Marmara Sea
  • Black Sea
  • Mediterranean.

Turkey has many rare tourist areas and places suitable for practicing many water and recreational activities, and among the sports events that can be enjoyed with all the pleasure and excitement is diving orswimming  tourism.

Turkey also has the most beautiful charming sandy beaches, most of which are ranked among the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Turkey has a mild climate that helps you practice your favorite sport at any time of the year.

The most important tourist areas for diving in Turkey

There are many charming marine tourist places where diving tourism can be practiced and enjoy the discovery of the dazzling and enchanting beauty that results from the beautiful marine flora and fauna decorated with divine beauty that makes the man practicing that sport feel refreshed and imaginative pleasure.

The Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture allocates many places for diving tourism, and some of these places that are distinguished by their beauty and attractiveness can be mentioned as follows:

1- Diving in Muğla City

Muğla is a distinctive diving area in the Aegean region. The islands large and small in the open sea are a favorite for diving. Around the islands you can see many sharks, dolphins and seals together.

Another dive point in this area is the island of Essen which was later connected with the port of Dechai. The island of Essen is one of the most beautiful and charming areas to see marine creatures and water monuments. Muğla has more than 52 attractive locations around the Marmaris region.

Diving in Mugla

2- Diving in Antalya

AAntalya is one of the most famous beach destinations in the summer, attracting the largest number of tourists wishing to practice diving or swimming in the crystal clear blue sea waters.

It is located on the Mediterranean Sea with its magnificent coastal views, and the city of Antalya has many diving sites in Antalya that are so attractive that they look like wonderful aquariums, which is why there are many diving schools in the city to make tourists live this experience by swimming in the sea and watching sea creatures up close.

3- Diving in Kalkan City

Kalkan is located on the Mediterranean Sea west of Antalya Province, and Kalkan is characterized by its shallow waters so it is an ideal place for beginners in the sport of diving, this city is a distinctive tourist destination to attract tourists, especially diving lovers, as it offers them a distinctive and exciting diving experience so they can see different marine creatures such as the sea turtle and fish of different shapes in addition to colorful marine plants.

4- Diving in Cash City

Located in the south of Turkey, the city of Kaş is considered one of the most important places most preferred by tourists not only for diving but also for fun holidays, the city is characterized by its rocky nature so it is a wonderful destination and is greatly preferred by people who love to dive in the rocky area.

The city of Cash is a great destination for diving in open water, wall and coral reefs, and has many wonderful fish and coral reefs, professional divers may deal with caves and tunnels that are located near the dive site, a number of other coral reefs and sand canals have also been found, and divers can explore these areas and see a variety of small and large marine life.

Free Diving Tourism

5- Diving in the city of Ivalik

The tourist city of Ivalik is located northwest of Turkey overlooking the Sea of Marmara, and is surrounded by a group of islands, beaches and bays in addition to its abundance of archaeological monuments, so visiting the city of Ivalik is one of the most enjoyable experiences that can never be forgotten.

You can also go diving in its beaches to see the wonderful marine life that is underwater, you can see the gemstones, caves and the charming submerged, in addition to watching the various fish located at a depth of 19 meters.

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6- Diving in Kemer

Another popular tourist destination in Turkey is the Kemer region, it enjoys stunning scenery and receives many tourists annually that expands them in diving and watching beautiful aquatic animals such as spotted fish, coral reefs, underwater caves,

You can also see the charming views around the Tekiruva region and the surrounding islands, which are one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

ما هو أفضل وقت للغوص في تركيا؟

من الممكن الغوص على مدار العام ولكن من مايو إلى نوفمبر تتمتع بالظروف الأكثر هدوءًا وأفضل رؤية التي تكون ما بين 20 و 30 متراًu003cbru003eوتكون درجة حرارة الماء من 16 درجة مئوية شتاءً إلى 28 درجة مئوية صيفاً.

ما هو أفضل مواقع الغوص في تركيا

1- يعتبر موقع طائرة A300) ايرباص) موقع غوص لم يسبق له مثيل، تم غرق طائرة إيرباص A300 عمدًا للغواصين. يبلغ طوله 54 مترًا مما يجعله غوصًا ممتعًا.u003cbru003e2- لوندي (HMT Lundy) هي سفينة صيد في خليج سولفا على عمق 28 مترًا. تم غرق القارب بواسطة طوربيد في عام 1915. بالإضافة إلى إمدادات الحرب، أصبحت السفينة الآن موطنًا لثعابين وجراد البحر والأخطبوط.u003cbru003e3- كهف علاء الدين يقع على عمق 29 مترًا. يمكن للغواصين مشاهدة الشعاب المرجانية الملونة والهامور الذين يطلقون على كهف علاء الدين منزلهم. الصعود إلى كهف آخر يسمى الحمام. يحب المصورون تحت الماء الكهف الثاني بشكل خاص لأنه مليء بالضوء الطبيعي القادم من الثقوب في السقف.

ما الذي جعل تركيا من أفضل الوجهات السياحية في العالم؟

تعد تركيا بلد غني بتاريخ وثقافة، إسطنبول هي واحدة من المدن القليلة في العالم الواقعة في قارتين (أوروبا وآسيا). تعتبر تركيا بلد كبير مع مجموعة متنوعة من المناظر الطبيعية وهي من الدول الدافئة التي تضم العديد من شواطئ لممارسة رياضة الغوص والسباحة

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