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Camping trips for children in Istanbul, camping trips with children are fun for them and for you, there is nothing more beautiful than spending fun time with children away from any source of technological resources, when you take a camping trip with children you will discover new talents they have, hobbies and other things.

The presence of children in the arms of nature enhances their confidence and increases their strength, sense of responsibility, getting to know the plants and practicing some activities that increase their abilities and make them more connected with nature and empty their energies in addition to spending fun times and doing the adventures they want with their parents.

Today we will talk about the best places to docamping trips for children in Istanbul and what are the necessary supplies and tips.

Benefits of Camping for Kids in Istanbul

Have you ever tried camping trips for kids in Istanbul with your kids and enjoy time with them?

For camping trips for children in Istanbul have many benefits and doing such an experience will increase family ties and create a wonderful feeling in children and the most important benefits of camping trips for children in Istanbul are:

  1. Camping has a lot of positive benefits for children as it enhances their abilities, strengthens their connection with nature and makes them more careful.
  2. Doingcamping trips for children in Istanbul enhances your child’s well-being, reduces his stress, depletes his energies and enables him to discover new things and do wonderful adventures.
  3. Camping has many benefits for children in terms of psychological, health, physical and social as well.
  4. Camping trips for children in Istanbul develop their abilities, teach them basic survival and survival skills and gain them the ability to face some of the obstacles they may face such as emergencies, setting fires, putting them out and keeping them safe.
  5. Identify some types of harmful and poisonous plants and how to deal with them in addition to preserving nature and not approaching rare plants and others.
  6. Camping trips for children in Istanbul help to encourage them to be creative, the presence of the child in nature encourages his creative imagination and motivates him to innovate.
  7. Children respect nature and learn how to deal with it and with some insects, animals and birds that are found in forests or mountains.
  8. Camping increases the confidence of the child due to his self-reliance away from his own room and breaking his fears as sleeping in nature is not easy for them.
  9. Camping trips for children in Istanbul help to make new friends with the children because of their contact with other children who are with them in the camp.

Places for Camping Trips for Kids in Istanbul

1. The Indian city of Sheila in Istanbul Sile Indian Village/ Istanbul

Sheila is an area in beautiful Istanbul and is one of the most wonderful tourist areas in Istanbul to docamping trips for children in Istanbul and is famous for several things related to history, culture and nature and is famous for its picturesque sea and calm nature as there are many sub-areas and villages in Sheila and can practice the hobby of fishing and teach it to children in addition to visiting its lighthouse that dates back to the era of Ottoman and this lighthouse has a breathtaking view and also contains a beautiful garden and you can have fun time on the wonderful beaches and the amazing sea and visit Lighthouse Museum

2. Kayakoy Camp Kiyikoy

It is a coastal city in Kirklareli province characterized by its natural beauty and is a wonderful camping area and ideal for doingcamping trips for children in Istanbul where you can set up your tent right next to the lake. You will spend quality time with your family and its European atmosphere which will make you feel as if you are in Europe especially since the camping areas are very elegant. Many wonderful activities can be practiced with children such as cycling, walking, swimming and others.

3. Igneada Longoz Forests

Igneada Longoz Forests is one of the most beautiful areas for camping in Istanbul and doingcamping trips for children in Istanbul The National Park is located in the Demirkoy district of Kerklareli Province, with an area of 3155 hectares and the forests are divided into two areas where there are lakes, reeds and forests in the southern part and the northern part.

Inside the southern part there are dense forests and Lake Saka, Longoz Forests, Lake Deniz, Reeds, Lake Hammam, Lake Mert and Lake Bidina.

In the northern part of the forest are the Longoz forests, Lake Erikli and reeds. The most beautiful of the main tree species are the forests of Igneada Longoz forests; hornbeam, ash, elm, beech, dog, stem oak, elderberry, oak without trunk, alder, low maple, linden, maple sycamore and mountain ash.

4.Kerpe KAMP Camp in Istanbul

Kerpe KAMP camp is located near Istanbul and has many places to visit around which makes it an ideal camping area as its beautiful beaches and wonderful atmosphere make it a great choice to do camping trips for children in Istanbul being close to nature in the evening you will have the opportunity to sleep with the sound of sea waves.

During the day you will be able to swim and dive into the sea and enjoy the sea as there are wooded areas for camping and erecting your tent, you can choose the most suitable area for you here

Kerpe KAMP has many sports activities especially in the camping area that are suitable for children and adults.

Kerpe Kamp Alanlari

Tips and Guidelines for Camping Trips for Kids in Istanbul

When you decide to do camping trips for children in Istanbul you should take some things into account and be more accurate in bringing camping supplies and the most important tips that you should follow are:

  1. First of all, you should choose where you will go according to the age of your children, as well as make sure that the property is paid or unpaid, in addition to the presence of facilities for the sale of food and belongings.
  2. Check the weather for several days or for a week if the camping period is long.
  3. Choose your equipment and devices that you will take with you such as luminaires, battery chargers and other devices that you will need.
  4. In order not to forget anything, we advise you to write down all the supplies for you and your children and make sure of them before packing up the luggage and embarking on a trip.
  5. Make sure to bring all the extra clothes, toys and entertainment tools that children need, in addition to making sure that there are some medicines that your child may need.
  6. Bring the emergency box and make sure you have painkillers and some sanitizers and essential medicines that you may need.
  7. Choose a suitable place to camp so that you can have fun with your children and you should choose a good tent that can accommodate the whole family.

Top Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Trips for Kids in Istanbul

هل يوجد برامج لرحلات تخييم للاطفال في ديب دايف؟

نعم بالتأكيد يوجد لدينا برامج ممتازة لرحلات تخييم وتشمل رحلة التخييم في مركزنا العديد من الفعاليات وتبدأ صباح اليوم الأول تنتهي مساء اليوم الثالث.u003cbru003eيمارس في اليوم الثاني برنامج الغوص الترفيهي من الساعة التاسعة صباحا وحتى الخامسة مu003cbru003eيوفر لكل شخص منامة + كرسي + خيمة لكل شخصينu003cbru003eيتخلل البرنامج العديد من الأنشطة مثل الإستطلاع ,والعمل ضمن فريق يتخللها الشواء وممارسة الأنشطة الرياضية.u003cbru003eيؤمن الذهاب والاياب باحدث السيارات الحديثة المريحة من والى مقر اقامتكم

ما هي ميزات برامج رحلات تخييم للاطفال في اسطنبول بمركز ديب دايف؟

نتميز في مركزنا بأننا نعمل ضمن برامج خاصة ومنظمة ونقوم في تأمين جميع ما تحتاجه بالاضافة الى وجود العديد من الفعاليات والانشطة التي تناسب الاطفال والتي تكسبهم الكثير من المعرفة والتعرف على الطبيعة بشكل أقرب.

ما هي اسعار برامج رحلات تخييم للاطفال في اسطنبول؟

يوجد لدينا برامج عديدة لرحلات التخييم والرحلة شاملة لجميع مصاريف الطعام والشراب والتحلاية والاسعار هي:u003cbru003eرحلة تخييم لمدة ثلاثة ايام وليلتين مع برنامج غوص وسعرة التكلفة للشخص الواحد 330$للشخص الواحدu003cbru003eبرنامج تخييم ٣ ايام ليلتين بدون غوص وتكلفتها 230$ للشخص الواحدu003cbru003eبرنامج تخيم يوم وليلتين 230$ للشخص الواحدu003cbru003eرحلة تخيم يومين وليلة مع برنامج غوص 150$ للشخص الواحد

هل يوجد مخيمات في اسطنبول غير مأجورة؟

نعم بالطبع يوجد الكثير من المخييمات الغير مأجورة ولكن قد تفتقر لبعض الامور والمرافق التي تحتاجه بالاضافة الى انه اذا كنت ترغب بالقيام في رحلة تخييم مع العائلة ووجود الاطفال فالافضل البحث عن مكان يؤمن لك ما قد تحتاجه مع اطفالك.

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