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Scuba diving equipment

One of the most important water sports that attracts tourists in Turkey.

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Free Diving

The sport of challenging the depths, holding breaths underwater.

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Swimming education

Olympic sport, train and practice swimming of various types (free – chest – butterfly – back)

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Camping trips

The hobby of the powerful, where determination, will and defiance of nature.

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Educational Courses


Rescue and water safety

This course is specialized in training the trainee… Freediving Courses, Professional

Spear rifle fishing

One of the most famous sports that is practiced… Equipment Diving Courses, Beginner

Diving with pre-existing equipment

This is a special course with instructors… Equipment Diving Courses, Beginner

Dive with First Star Equipment

A three- to four-day course… Equipment Diving Courses, Intermediate

Diving with equipment is a second star

In this course the person is trained to… Equipment Diving Courses, Professional

Diving with equipment third star

You can get the third star after… Swimming Courses, Beginner

Bronze dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns the skills of… Free Diving Courses, Intermediate

Free diving second level

In this diving course acquires skills… Swimming Courses, Intermediate

Golden dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns the skills of…

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We participated in the one-day recreational diving program The depths were beautiful and we lived the beautiful and unique experience with the best instructors and we hope to live the experience again with Deep Dive

Mohammed Karim

I learned to swim in a short time with the best trainers at Deep Dave and in very easy ways without feeling too tired while learning, and I will complete all levels until I reach the level of Savior hopefully Thank you very much to the Deep Dave team.

Ahmed Mahmoud