Most Requested Courses


Rescue and water safety

This course specializes in training the trainee in the skills of rescue, ambulance and water safety… professional

Diving Equipment Senior Assistant

An assistant instructor can work as a recreational diving professional and have some expensive responsibilities… professional

Spear rifle fishing

One of the most popular sports currently practiced is underwater fishing where… beginner

Diving with pre-existing equipment

This is a special course with professional trainers by which you discover the depths through… beginner

Dive with First Star Equipment

A three- to four-day course in which the trainee learns to use the… medium

Diving with equipment is a second star

In this course the person is trained to locate underwater and dive at night… professional

Diving with equipment third star

You can get the third star after completing 50 dives and practicing star activities… medium

Night diving with equipment

This skill gives you the ability to dive into the night and enjoy the nightlife in the depths.


Deep diving with equipment

This skill is distinguished by introducing you to the dangers of deep diving and dealing with these risks.


Free Diving Level One

Freediving skills earn you hold your breath and descend at different depths.


Bronze dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns freestyle swimming skills.


Underwater positioning

In this skill the diver learns to use the compass to determine underwater directions from… medium

Free diving second level

In this diving course you gain advanced skills in free diving from control… professional

Free Diving Level III

This course features diver acquisition of advanced skills in freediving.


Silver dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns back swimming skills.


Dolphin Platinum

The swimmer at this level masters the four swimming skills (freestyle – back – … professional

Diamond Dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns butterfly swimming skills.


Golden dolphin

The swimmer at this level learns the skills of chest swimming.

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Özcan Arso

Professional instructor in technical diving and freediving courses

Coach Ayhan Kassab

Professional diving and swimming instructor

Iris Yeshik

Professional Water Sports Trainer

Captain Ahmed Al , Atawneh

Professional water sports captain and trainer

Issa Moussa

Marine Savior

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We participated in the one-day recreational diving program The depths were beautiful and we lived the beautiful and unique experience with the best instructors and we hope to live the experience again with Deep Dive

Mohammed Karim

I learned to swim in a short time with the best trainers at Deep Dave and in very easy ways without feeling too tired while learning, and I will complete all levels until I reach the level of Savior hopefully Thank you very much to the Deep Dave team.

Ahmed Mahmoud