Camping program 3 days 2 nights with diving program

  • The camping trip starts in the morning of the first day and ends in the evening of the third day.
  • On the second day, the recreational diving program is practiced from nine in the morning until five pm
  • Provides pajamas + chair for each person and tent for two people 
  • The program includes many activities such as reconnaissance, teamwork, barbecue and sports activities.
  • Provides round trip with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence
  • The trip includes all food, drink and reservation expenses on us 
  • The cost price per person is 330$

$330 / person

  • Inclusive of food and transportation
  • Guarantee of refund in case of breach
  • Does not include Value Added Tax
Trip Program
  • Start the first morning.
  • The evening of the third day ends.
  • Practice diving all day
  • It provides each person with all his necessities.
  • Walking around the place and reconnaissance.
  • Working in a team 
  • Barbecue and do sports activities.
Trip charachertistics & Feature
  • It provides a round trip with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence.
  • The trip includes all expenses for food, drinks and sweets (sweets) on us.

I learned to swim in a short time with the best trainers at Deep Dave and in very easy ways without feeling too tired while learning, and I will complete all levels until I reach the level of Savior hopefully Thank you very much to the Deep Dave team.


Ahmed Mahmoud

We participated in the one-day recreational diving program The depths were beautiful and we lived the beautiful and unique experience with the best instructors and we hope to live the experience again with Deep Dive.

Mohammed Karim

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