What are the details of the freediving course?

The course consists of 8 lectures divided into two sections four lectures in the pool

And four lectures in the Bosphorus


The trainee is trained to:


How to deal with freediving tools

Body position control for freediving

How to go down to depth with a depth of 5-7 meters

How to get off with pressure balancing


Course place in the Bosphorus

Near Metrobus Boğaz Köprüsü Station



The course is presented by the trainer Ayhan Kassab accredited by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation

He is accompanied by coach Ahmed Al-Atawneh, who is accredited by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation.


At the end of the course, the trainee receives a certificate


Where is Deep Dive headquartered?

Deep Dive is based in Istanbul and offers swimming, diving and camping services in Turkey

What are the details of the swimming course?

Swimming courses consist of 4 levels, the duration of one level is 5 weeks and consists of 10 lessons, you are evaluated by the trainer and the level is determined, the courses are held at the Gönen Hotel in Istanbul and registrants can benefit from the hotel's sports services throughout the training period free of charge

What is the language of trainers?

There are Turkish coaches and Arab coaches with international certificates in their sports specialty

What are the details of the diving course with equipment?

The duration of the equipment diving course is 3 days including transportation, accommodation and food, the trainee trains in (First Star Junior Diver Course) on the following:

Installation of equipment

Preparation and processing of equipment

Wearing equipment

Inflatable and empty the buoyancy jacket

Diving Recognition with Diving Equipment

Cleaning the regulator from water

Underwater regulator recovery process

Emptying glasses of water under water

Fin swimming

Crisis Weight Control Process for Diving

Method of equalizing pressure while swimming

The way to get down to the bottom of the pool and then the way to go up to the roof and finally the way to get out of the water

Take off and wear breathing equipment and belt weights on the surface of the water 2- Take off and wear breathing equipment and belt weights under water3- Act correctly when the air ends with a signal and act.Diving in the sea: After these exercises the trainee has been prepared to adapt to the equipment and qualify for diving in the open sea at least four dives over two days, the trainee will present to the diving instructor the exercises he trained in the pool and the actual practice of ways to enter and exit the sea

In addition to all these trainings, the trainee will take a brief about the use of the compass and do some exercises on it, after the completion of the work of the dives the trainee has completed all the practical requirements The trainee will receive a temporary license until the arrival of the international license

The certificate is from the European Union Simas and from the Turkish Federation as well, of course and we give you a passport uniform on which every dive is recorded, the amount of oxygen and all the information, in addition to the certificate of your eviction is qualified to use it at any diving point in the world.

What are the details of camping trips?

There are several campgrounds in Istanbul, Edirne, Marmaris, and Fethiye.. And often they are outside the city with the aim of enjoying the beauty of nature while spending a night or maybe two at a camping site

Are there courses for women?

There are special courses for women only, and they are supervised by instructors for all swimming, diving and camping services

Are there trips and courses outside Istanbul?

It is located in Fethiye, Marmaris, and Adrene.

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