Bronze dolphin

Started on 5 May، 20232.00pm - 4.00pm

At this level, the swimmer learns the skills of freestyle swimming.

The trainee learns…

  1. Floating on the belly in an upright position with the right alternating leg movement for a distance sensible and slow exhalation underwater.
  2. Floating on the back in an upright position with the movement of the reciprocating legs correctly head back a reasonable distance.
  3. Floating on the belly and turning to the back Alternating leg movement.
  4. Float on the back pot to the belly
  5. Legs reciprocating movement on the abdomen for a distance of (25) meters
  6. Longitudinal movement legs (25) meters
  7. Jump over the deep and stand reasonable
  8. Taking out an object from under the water in deep water
  9. Free swimming for a distance of (25) meters while taking a breath over the space every three kicks (left and right).
  10. Swimming on the back for a distance of no less than (25) meters.
  11. The training will be 2 to 3 sessions per week in the best private pools with the best trainers
  12. The cost price is $250 without transportation – and $350 with transportation.

Details and features of lessons in the swimming club Deep Dive Istanbul:

  • The best and most luxurious private swimming pools are rated 5 stars.
  • Under the supervision of the most skilled international trainers.
  • It is 8-10 lessons.
  • The training will be 2 to 3 sessions per week.
  • There is a special discount for groups.

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