Teaching diving with equipment

One of the most important water sports that attracts tourists in Turkey.

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Free diving education

The sport of challenging the depths, holding breaths underwater.

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Swimming education

Olympic sport, train and practice swimming of various types (free – chest – butterfly – back)

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Sports Fishing

The sport of patience and perseverance

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Sports camps

Sports camps are factories of men and masculinity

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Camping trips

The hobby of the powerful, where determination, will and defiance of nature.

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Diving Packages

Leisure diving for a day


  • A daily entertainment program that starts in the morning and ends in the evening in the city of Edirne
  • The program is held in the Aegean region
  • The program includes a 45-minute morning dive and a 45-minute evening diving program, including a light meal
  • Providing round-trip with the latest modern comfortable cars, the program is interspersed with underwater photography and in-flight photography.

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One-day equipment diving course


  • An intensive one-day tutorial interspersed with learning to disassemble and install diving equipment
  • And we also learn to go down to the depths and learn how to empty water from a diving binocular.
  • We also learn to decipher and return the air to the mouth, speak sign language, and descend to a depth of 14 meters in the sea depth.
  • The trainee obtains an entry-level certificate in marine diving that allows him to enter the International Star Program in Diving.
  • Round-trip believes in the latest comfortable modern cars and the program is interspersed with underwater and in-flight photography.

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First Star Course in Equipment Diving


After these trainings, the trainee has been prepared to adapt to the equipment and qualify for diving in the open sea at least four dives over two days, the trainee will present to the diving instructor the exercises he trained in the pool and the actual practice of the ways to enter and exit the sea, in addition to all these exercises the trainee will take a brief about the use of the compass and do some exercises on it, after the completion of the work of the dives the trainee will have completed all the practical requirements The trainee will receive Temporary license until the arrival of the international license.




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Second Star Course in Equipment Diving


They include:

  • Underwater Positioning Course

After this dive you can estimate the distance in several ways underwater

  • Deep Diving Course

The depth of this dive is not less than 60 feet and not more than 130 feet deep

  • Night Diving Course

When you finish this dive with your instructor you will be qualified to get off and dive into the sea during the night, and this dive is characterized by watching marine creatures that appear only at night, in addition to the calm and moderation of the heat at night


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What Our Clients Say

We participated in the one-day recreational diving program The depths were beautiful and we lived the beautiful and unique experience with the best instructors and we hope to live the experience again with Deep Dive

Mohammed Karim

I learned to swim in a short time with the best trainers at Deep Dave and in very easy ways without feeling too tired while learning, and I will complete all levels until I reach the level of Savior hopefully Thank you very much to the Deep Dave team.

Ahmed Mahmoud