Scuba diving Level-1

Started on 20 July، 20197.00am - 9.00am

A course for three to four days in which the trainee learns to use underwater diving tools and dive to a depth of 15 meters.

In the first session, the trainee in (First Star Beginner Diver Course) will be trained on the following:

  • Equipment installation
  • Preparation and processing of equipment
  • wear equipment
  • Inflate and deflate the flotation jacket
  • Learn about scuba diving
  • Clean the regulator from the water
  • The underwater regulator retrieval process
  • Empty the glasses from the water under the water
  • Flippers swimming
  • The process of adjusting the weight of the crisis for diving
  • How to equalize pressure while swimming
  • The way to go down to the bottom of the pool, then the way to climb to the surface, and finally the way to get out of the water

Take off and put on breathing equipment and a weight belt on the surface of the water

Take off and put on breathing equipment and weight belt underwater

Behavior in the correct manner when the air ends and act with the signal Diving into the sea:

After these exercises, the trainee will have been prepared to adapt to the equipment and qualify to dive in the open sea, at least four dives over a period of two days. Training The trainee will take an overview of the use of the compass and do some exercises on it. After completing the diving work, the trainee will have completed all practical requirements. The trainee will receive a temporary license until the arrival of the international license.

  • The cost price is $650.

Details and features of lessons in the swimming club Deep Dive Istanbul:

  • The best and most luxurious private swimming pools are rated 5 stars.
  • Under the supervision of the most skilled international trainers.
  • It is 8-10 lessons.
  • The training will be 2 to 3 sessions per week.
  • There is a special discount for groups.

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