Camping Tours in Istanbul

If you are looking for an outdoor experience and want to enjoy nature, camping in Istanbul is the perfect choice for you. There are many camping sites in Istanbul that have all the facilities and amenities that will make your stay enjoyable.

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What do you know about camping in Istanbul?

Camping is a recreational activity. It is often held in areas far from the bustle of the city and civilization, where campers enjoy the beauty of nature while spending one or maybe two nights out, often on a camping site. … Camping as a recreational activity has recently become popular.

We provide you with the most beautiful camping sites in Istanbul and camping equipment as well, you can practice various camping activities such as lighting a fire, cooking food, cycling, swimming, and diving in the daytime. The advantage of our campsites is that they are often located on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait, on the shores of the seas, and on the banks of lakes, which makes them suitable for all campers ‘ tastes.

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What are the benefits of camping in Istanbul?

  1. Getting rid of depression and improving mood.
  2. Inhalation of clean air, which improves blood pressure.
  3. The process of relaxing while camping especially earns the body and mind positive energy to come back and keep working again.
  4. The body gets all the vitamins it needs from sunlight.
  5. Camping outside cities improves family ties between family members.
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Camping in the summer

The summer season in Istanbul is one of the wonderful seasons for camping, where nature wears the most pompous and beautiful ornaments, the aromas of fragrant flowers, pine trees that cover the clouds with the sounds of water streams with the sound of birds, all this and nature has a lot of advantages that you will learn about by camping in its bosom.

And also you can do a lot of talents that you have from swimming, cycling, surfing, meditation and enjoying the charming landscapes from the land connection to the sea to the picturesque nature.

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Camping in winter

Winter also has its flavor and its pioneers because it is quieter than summer camps, because of the cold and snow.

It also has its own pioneers, all people can go out camping in the summer, but not everyone can camp in winter, and the landscapes in it are completely different from the summer, from the white dress of nature to the freezing lakes and rivers to the taking off of trees for their leaves, all this makes camping in Istanbul has its own charm in winter.

You can practice winter sports such as snowboarding, playing with snow and other sports that you can also practice.

A two-day camping trip with a diving program

Join us now! Camping trips with the deep dive club. A two-day and overnight camping trip with a diving program – on the first day enjoy a camping adventure and on the morning of the second day do not forget about the beauty of a full-hour diving adventure in the depths of the Aegean Sea.

Camping program

  • Start the first morning.
  • The evening of the second-night ends.
  • It provides each person with all his necessities.
  • Walking around the place and reconnaissance.
  • Work in a team. 
  • Barbecue and do sports activities.

Benefits & features

  • It provides a round trip with the latest comfortable modern cars to and from your residence.
  • The trip includes a special breakfast and dinner.
  • The possibility of providing a romantic atmosphere for couples.

Book a camping program in Istanbul now, and experience the adventure

Frequently asked questions

What are the best camping places in Istanbul?

1. The village Coast camp in Istanbul
2. “Chilinguz Ormanchi” camp in Istanbul
3. The camping area of the place “Tarek” in the state of “Krekler ili”
4. The charming camping area “Karaslan” in the state of “Kocaeli”

What are the camping supplies in Istanbul?

1. Camping bag
2. Sleeping bag
3. Flashlight
4. Tent
5. Camping chair
6. Kitchen stove
7. Waste bags
8. First aid kit

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