Freediving Lessons in Istanbul

What do you know about freediving?

Freediving, is diving in which no external breathing apparatus is used, but only depends on the diver’s ability to hold himself as long as possible until returning to the surface of the water freediving is a technique used in many water activities such as: non-competitive freediving, spearfishing, underwater photography, mermaid shows.

What are the benefits of freediving?

Diving has many benefits and is beneficial for health, namely:

  • Maintaining body fitness because diving sculpts the body, melting fat from it and making it muscle mass.
  • Increase the body’s ability to withstand hardships and increase its flexibility
  • Treatment for wounds because deep-sea oxygen increases the wound healing process.
  • Withdraw negative energy from the body and this helps to relax.
  • Because diving and swimming are the only sports that move all the muscles, and this is what makes the body increase blood flow and thus prevents these sports from developing clots.

Practice freediving at the deep dive club

Deep Dive Club features

If you are interested in taking freediving lessons, we recommend that you sign up for deep dive club courses, as the center features the following:

  • Excellent experience in freediving.
  • A comprehensive plan to prepare the trainee from scratch to professionalism.
  • Training is available for unisex men and ladies.
  • There are many options for learning, whether in the Bosphorus or in the pool.
  • Semi-Olympic swimming pools.
  • Professional international trainers.
  • Training on proven scientific bases.
  • Taking into account the psychological state and treating fear of water by physiological methods.
  • Hotel services and facilities with a 5-star rating.
  • Certificates approved by the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports.
تعليم الغوص الحر في اسطنبول

Freediving courses

Deep dive club offers free diving lessons in the form of programs prepared by diving experts and divided into stages based on the level of the trainee, which is as follows:

  1. Level-1 freediving course in which the student trains in breath-holding skills.
  2. Freediving course level-2 is considered the intermediate level and is trained in more advanced skills than the first level.
  3. Freediving course third level-3 at this level the trainee has mastered the skills of holding breath for long periods and is trained to dive to different levels.
  4. Spearfishing course – the diver holds his breath underwater until he reaches a certain depth in order to be able to catch fish.

Book now, and enjoy a unique diving experience.


What is the technique of freediving?

1. Freediving technique is the ability to dive in an airless environment without any breathing apparatus. The average depth of this technique is no more than 100 feet.
2. There are many benefits to free diving as free divers can stay underwater for a long time.
3. They do not need air tanks that reduce their weight, so they can move more easily under water and explore the depths faster.
4. They don’t have to worry about getting close to the surface, so they can hold their breath for much longer periods because they know that there will be no lack of oxygen in the water.

What is record-free diving?

The deepest record for free diving was set in 2012 by Natalia Molchanova who reached a depth of 150 m (492 ft).

What are underwater self-stretching exercises?

1. Underwater stretching is a popular form of exercise that allows people to stretch during weightlessness. These exercises can improve flexibility and joint mobility, as well as relieve muscle pain.
2. The basic idea is to stretch the body and pull it in different directions when immersed in water.
3. Exercises include twists in the spine, back bends, chest lengthening, ankle rotation.
4. They promote blood flow inside the body and increase lung capacity by tensing your chest muscles.

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