Tourism in Edirne Turkey

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Tourism in Edirne Turkey has become a destination for Arab and Western tourists, thanks to its ancient historical monuments, which date back to 125 AD and took this name to the Roman Emperor Adrian.

Edirne is located near the borders of Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria and is 240 km from Istanbul. The road from Istanbul to Edirne takes about two to three hours by car.

It is an ancient city with a wonderful past as part of the Ottoman Empire, but now it is a popular tourist place for lovers of history and culture, it is the gateway to Asia and the Middle East for Europe and the gateway to Europe for Asia and the Middle East, you will discover during your trip to Edirne the designs of exquisite and ancient architecture and local cuisine with a distinctive taste.

Tourism in Edirne Turkey
Tourism in Edirne Turkey 2

The most important tourist activities in Edirne Turkey

In the city center, there are many areas that tourists enjoy visiting, such as the Selim Mosque, one of the famous architectural masterpieces of the official architect of the Ottoman Empire Sinan and one of its most famous landmarks as it dominates the general landscape of the city.

It has the Sultan Bayezid II Mosque, the Medical Museum of Health, the statue of the architect Sinan, the tombs of the Janissary army, the Edirne Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, the Edirne Museum of Turkish-Islamic Art, the Bayazid Bridge, the ancient city of Inus, and the Kutahya Museum.

Tourism in Edirne Turkey is also characterized by the fact that you will see two rivers, “Maring and Tonga” while passing through the city, and visitors enjoy watching them and sitting on their banks.

Unlike historical areas and tourist attractions, there are many other areas that tourists would like to discover and spend time in, such as Waqf Beach overlooking the Aegean Sea, Szeldere Bay, one of the coolest bays overlooking the Aegean Sea, and Syruz Bay, famous for its brackish waters, which is an ideal place for swimming and surfing, there is also the Goktch Tepe Park, which is characterized by its wonderful trees and forests.

The most important tourist areas in Edirne Turkey

We would like to note here that tourism in Edirne Turkey is divided into two parts where there are historical places and there are old mosques also worth visiting to you the most important of those places

Historical places to visit during tourism in Edirne Turkey

  1. Enez Kalesi Castle of Unaiz: Although the year of construction of the fortress of Aniz, which is located on a high hill, is not known exactly, the building materials used on its walls indicate that the building was built before the Byzantine era, and according to the historian Prokopius the castle built to prevent dangers from the Balkans, is said to have been repaired by Justinian in the sixth century.
  2. Hıdırlık Tabyası Fort Hederlik: is one of the must-see places in Edirne, which played an important role in the defense of Edirne during the Balkan War, as it attracts a lot of lovers of ancient history
  3. Rüstem Paşa Kervansarayı Rustam Pasha Karwan Saray: Located in the center of Edirne, Rüstempaşa Caravanserai is one of the most important examples of Ottoman architecture, built by the Sinan Sayyid architecture of Ottoman architecture, consisting of two-story rooms around rectangular courtyards, courtyards of the portico, the building was renovated in 1972 and began to function as a hotel, as it was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1980, it should be added to the list of places that can be seen in Edirne with its convenient location.
  4. Meriç Köprüsüsü Merch Bridge: Located on the Meric River on the Edirne-Karagac road, the 263-meter-long bridge contains 12 pointed belts at a height of 13 meters, a marble manuscript in the middle and one of the symbols of Edirne, in addition to being one of the most beautiful examples of the bridges of the Ottoman era.
  5. Hacı Adil Bey Çeşmesi The Fountain of Haji Adel Bey: After your visit to the Merch Bridge, do not forget to see the fountain of Hajj Adel Bey at the end of the bridge, in 1904 the Governor of Edirne Haji Adel Bey painted the drawing of the structure drawn by the Director of Edirne Evkav Sadatin Bey and Dr. Rifaat Osman, the Baroque-style fountain is said to have been made to commemorate Haji Adelbek’s son who was killed by Bulgarian bandits in the Stranca Mountains.

The most important mosques to visit during tourism in Edirne Turkey

  • Selimiye Camii Selimiye Mosque: One of the most beautiful works of Ottoman architecture, is the head of the places you should see in Edirne, in the large outer courtyard of the mosque that fascinates its visitors not only with its architecture but also with its decorative arts such as stone, marble, tiles and wooden pearl shells.
  • Eski Camii Old Mosque: Located in the center of Edirne, the Old Mosque is one of the most important mosques you can visit in Edirne, and although the construction of the mosque is the oldest surviving archaeological building of the Ottoman era, its construction began in 1403 during the reign of Sultan Suleiman, it was completed in 1414 during the reign of Sultan Chalabi Mehmed.
  • Muradiye Camii Mosque of Mardiya: The mosque of Al-Mouradia, whose architect does not know, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Edirne, and it is a miniature version of the Mosque of Bursa Al-Mouradia, you can see the dazzling mosque with its tiles in the neighborhood of Al-Mouradian.

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