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Scuba diving Istanbul is a wonderful city that is one of the most important cities and tourist destinations around the world, and it also includes many places and centers for free diving or scuba diving, where the sea surrounds the city from three different sides.

If you are looking for Scuba diving in Istanbul, this article is for you to complete the reading to learn about the most beautiful diving centers in the city and the most important tools for diving in the water through the site of Deep Dive First Center in Istanbul to teach swimming and diving.

Scuba diving Istanbul

Scuba Diving Istanbul Places

The city of Istanbul is characterized by its distinctive geographical location that overlooks the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and is separated by the Bosphorus, and there are many islands surrounding the city that are ideal centers and places to dive and get acquainted with marine creatures and imaginary aquatic life.

This great diversity of nature and charm has made it an important place for all divers seeking adventures and explorations, not to mention those wishing to learn the principles of diving accompanied by the most important instructors with a high level of experience and competence. The most important of these centers are:

First: Kursunburnu

It is one of the important tourist areas and centers for the sport of diving as it allows divers of all levels to dive, where there are three unique gaps submerged at 17, 22, and 40 meters. These depths contain huge numbers of distinctive marine creatures that are found only in the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans such as starfish and the bear of the Khawashim, which are characteristic creatures.

There are also coral reefs of 22-23 meters long, as well as a magnificent anemone park of 4-8 meters long that is home to many creatures such as crabs and others.

Second: Diving in Yassıada

It is one of the Princess Islands that is located in the southeastern section of Istanbul, and was a center for Istanbul University studies Department of Marine Life and then became one of the most important centers that attract tourists and diving lovers.

The area is characterized by the inclusion of many marine creatures and distinctive areas due to the geography of the area which contains many submerged caves and waterways that house many treasures and rare sea creatures.

There are also many terminal ships and centuries-old remnants of war that are now an important coral reef hub and sanctuary for marine animals.

Diving in Yassıada

Third: Diving on Neandros Island

It is located in the Sea of Marmara and is called the Island of pearl shells and is one of the most beautiful islands in the city of Istanbul because of its distinctive colors as it is an important center of diving in the city of Istanbul it allows divers of all levels to dive in its depths ranging from 3-8 meters.

The area has many sea creatures and charming places that will take you to a world full of imagination and magic.

Fourth: Çakal Limanı

Located on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, the port of Jakal is the last bay at the exit point from the Black Sea. It is surrounded by steep rock walls under the shadow of the Anatolian Lighthouse on the narrow coastline of the Gulf.

Chakal Port is a special point for distinctive and wonderful diving because it contains many places, caves and rare marine creatures.

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The most important modern scuba diving tools

If you are thinking about diving, you should familiarize yourself with modern diving equipment, which is one of the basics of diving, as follows:

1. Dive suit

It is one of the most important diving tools and its function is to maintain body heat, it reduces the percentage of water absorption of body heat, and it also protects the body from wounds and scratches or protects against stinging marine organisms. The diving suit is made of neoprene with many saturated bubbles in order to reduce the body’s loss of heat.

There are gas bubbles in the suit to increase the buoyancy of the diver’s body and facilitate the diver’s movement and swimming.

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2. Diving glasses

Glasses are one of the essential things to be present with the diver, as they facilitate the process of seeing in the water. And do not forget when choosing glasses to pay attention to their specifications, where the glasses must be one of the types of glasses with tempered glass in order to prevent the glass of the glasses from turning into fragments in case of breakage, and the glasses must contain a pocket for the nose. To make it easier for the diver to equalize the pressure with the discharge of water from the glasses.

Diving glasses
Diving Tours in Istanbul

3. Fins

Fins help facilitate movement within the water and navigate the water with less effort. There are many types of fins dedicated to diving.

Dive fins
Diving Tours in Istanbul

4. Diving shoes

The shoe is designed for specific fin types, which are the ones with the back band, and it is also made of neoprene, the same material from which the diving suit is made. Different shoe thicknesses are available depending on the coolness of the water and the dive place.

Dive shoes

5. Breathing trachea

The task of the breathing trachea is to deliver air to the diver without having to raise his head from the water. The reed is often made of plastic or rubber to make it easier to carry.

Breathing trachea in diving
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6. Glove

The glove protects the hands from scratches that may occur due to swimming among the rocks. There are different thicknesses of gloves.

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7. Breathing Unit

A breathing unit is a unit with an oral piece that the diver puts in his mouth so that he can draw compressed air from the cylinder to his mouth and this unit lowers the air pressure to the surrounding air so the diver can breathe air at a pressure appropriate to the depth in which he is easily and easily.

Breathing Unit
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8. Weight belt

The weight belt is a belt with appropriate weights and commensurate with the size of the diver and its purpose is to help the diver to descend under water and stay without any and put those weights around the diver’s waist and be easy to disassemble and install and may be in the form of weights placed in special pockets inside the buoyancy preservation device.

Weight belt in diving

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About scuba diving lessons at Deep Dive Center

Do you want to learn to dive deep and are looking for the best diving center in Istanbul? Deep Dive Center is waiting for you, as it is the best and most important center in Istanbul because of its intensive training courses in teaching the skills of free diving and diving with equipment with high skill and efficiency accompanied by the most important trainers in the world. The following training courses are available at DeepDive Center:

  1. Introductory Equipment Diving: It is a day-long course that allows a person to learn about the basics of diving and how to use the equipment.
  2. Diving with equipment is the first star: a three- to four-day course in which the trainee learns to use underwater diving tools and dive to a depth of 15 meters.
  3. Diving with equipment is a second star: in this course the person is trained to locate underwater and dive at night while descending to a greater depth.
  4. Diving with Third Star Equipment: You can get the third star after completing 50 dives and practicing second star activities.
  5. Night diving with equipment: This skill gives you the ability to dive at night and enjoy the nightlife in the depths.
  6. Deep Diving with Equipment: This skill is distinguished by introducing you to the dangers of deep diving and dealing with these risks.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of diving equipment in Istanbul?

The city of Istanbul is characterized by the best brands and brands of the most important companies and manufacturers of diving equipment in the world where the prices of equipment and a full diving suit range from 200 to 400 US dollars.

What is water diving?

It is the descent under water at a certain depth, and is done freely with the holding of breath which is short-lived, or by using breathing tools whether it is a package of oxygen or a long tube that extends from the diver’s mouth to the surface so that the diver can inhale the air

What modern tools should be present with the diver to reduce risk?

The diver must have diving monitoring tools with them, including a device to measure pressure, heat and water movement, and a positioning device to protect the diver from any risks.

What are the prices of diving training courses at Deep Dive Center?

1. Primer Equipment Diving ($195)
2. Diving with first star equipment ($220)
3. Diving with second-star equipment ($140)
4. Diving with third-star equipment (S175)
5. Night diving with equipment (S250)
6. Deep Diving with Equipment (S200)


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