Scuba Diving Level-2

Started on 18 July، 20192.00pm - 4.00pm

In this course, a person is trained in underwater positioning and night diving with a descent to a greater depth.

Requirements for the Second Star Scuba Diving Course.

Underwater positioning course: After this dive, you can estimate the distance in several ways under the water, in addition to using the compass well in determining the entry and exit points, knowing the direction of the beach, going and returning, and creating geometric shapes underwater such as a square, rectangle or triangle.

Deep diving course: Deep diving: The depth of this dive is not less than 60 feet and not more than 130 feet deep. The importance of diving is to recognize the dangers of deep diving, to avoid these risks, and the most important of these risks is the rapid consumption of air in addition to the problems of depth sugar. And the problems of exceeding the maximum limits of diving schedules, all of these problems you will learn about during the course

Night diving course: When you finish this dive with your instructor, you will be qualified to go down and dive into the sea during the night. You are free to dive during the night. Night diving may be unconvincing at first in terms of visibility, but you will overcome this problem after a small number of night dives, and the sea is often calm during the night.

  • The cost price for the second star program and its interspersed programs is $850.

Details and features of lessons in the swimming club Deep Dive Istanbul:

  • The best and most luxurious private swimming pools are rated 5 stars.
  • Under the supervision of the most skilled international trainers.
  • It is 8-10 lessons.
  • The training will be 2 to 3 sessions per week.
  • There is a special discount for groups.

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